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Kanye West and Billy Ocean

I'm an old soul. Therefore, I love old culture. I love shirts and hats of the '70s. I love the music of the '60s. I love the slang of the '40s and '50s. I even have fond memories of the '90s.

But my fond memories are limited to clothing, lingo, and music. And when it comes to the '80s my warm and fuzzies are limited to music, 'cause in my opinion the '80s was the worst style/fashion decade of the last 100 years...except for Members Only Jackets and various tennis shoes and maybe the occasional pair of Levis.

Regardless of decade though, one thing was not meant to be recycled...very often: Hair styles.

That's right, big hair spray hair will never make a broad comeback. Fake dreadlocks on dudes (yeah, some guys used to think braid weaves were cool) will never make a comeback. Mullets - worn anywhere but a fashion show runway - will never make a broad comeback. Tall, eraser-head box haircuts will never make a broad comeback. Jheri Curls so juicy that they could catch fire during a Pepsi commercial, or stain the wall behind the couch in your folks' living room will never make a broad comeback.

And even though I'm a fan of much of Kanye West's music, though not very impressed with his political acumen, and I know he considers himself a trendsetter, his friends - just not the ones in this photo - need to hold an intervention and tell him that Afro Mullets AKA ducktail 'dos AKA The Billy Ocean will also never make a broad comeback.

Kanye meet Billy. He made good tunes. You make 'em now. Please, leave the '80s in the bad style graveyard already.

Kanye and billy


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Do you remember Nehru Jackets? Also shold not come back, please.

James B.

Ha! Monty, I had two Nehru suits that I wore when they tried to make a comeback in the early '90s. I gave 'em a year, but they never caught on w/my buddies.

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