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Michael Phelps and his bong make me wonder....

whether tongues would still be clucking and fingers wagging, if he'd been secretly photographed eating a giant burger and greasy sack of fries from Crack Ronald's, instead of smoking pot?

I'm not endorsing the puffing and passing of left-handed cigarettes, 'cause I know they're illegal. And I know that cheeseburgers, no matter how full of trans-fat, are legal.

So consider my question a moral one:which is worse, a mind-altering drug that over the long-term can allegedly dim your brain function and in the short term speed your heart rate, or a food item that over the  long term can clog your arteries and in the short-term can contribute to you getting unhealthily fat?

Eh, maybe neither's any good.

But leave Phelps alone. The contents of that bong were probably better for his health than some of those women he was photographed with in Vegas, post-Olympics.

If smoking veggies is the worse thing he does between now and the time he turns gray, someone should sponsor him for a run for public office. 


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I was seriously disappointed that he felt he had to do the whole public apology thing.

I imagine that he did it to save sponsorship deals or eligibility for getting future work as a sports channel swimming correspondent.

I'm a firm believer that pot should be legal. I think the current "drug war" is bull pissing away billions of dollars out of the US economy every year. Stop the war and you have a huge chunk of government spending on things that don't work.

And as a final note, the person that posted the picture of Phelps doing the bong rip... total douche.


I wasn't surprised by anything EXCEPT that he was foolish enough to get photographed.

Karmyn R

"here here". Although he is an Olympic champion - he is still a kid for goodness sakes.

Shame on the media for having to splash it around for everyone to see.

James B.

Wavemancali, you took the words out of my mouth to describe the friend who sold the pic to the newspaper.

Pamela, good point. You'd think that by now he's aware that with his level of fame, there'll be paps with cameras lurking in the shadows at all times.

Karmyn, the problem with stuff like this is it's propelled on the steamroll effect: one legitimate media outlet carries it, and the rest feel obligated to follow so as not to be left out.


There is no privacy for anyone anymore, much less a celebrity.

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