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Nadya Suleman Pt. 2

OK, now that it's abundantly clear that Nadya Suleman AKA the octuplet mom receives public assistance (commonly called welfare when used in reference to recipients that politicians and talk show hosts find distasteful), I just have one question:

Where are all the extreme political pundits who've buttered their bread social commentary for years with harsh critiques of welfare moms, the guys who in the past were big proponents of the notion of forced sterilization of clueless, broke, repeat single moms?

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but "Booooooo! You suck!" to say to anyone who can help himself and won't, supplementing his income or lack of income with tax dollars. I'm not a fan of anyone who willingly digs himself into a deeper hole and then gets public money to help him live in that hole.

But given the collective boogieman single moms have evolved into over the past 25 years or so, I'm surprised that we haven't heard from the so-called serious big name pundits, the intellectuals, the society wonks.

Sure they've called Suleman out for being irresponsible and generally wacky. But I'm talking about hitting her with that label: "welfare mom," slapping her with a bag full of food stamps, tackling her with that boogieman imagery that was crafted during those 1980s presidential campaign trail warnings about welfare moms eventually dooming this country.

Seriously, the only national name I've seen or heard call her out repeatedly for abusing public assistance has been Perez Hilton. What gives?

What, does "welfare mom" seem like too big a slam at Suleman? Or do we not use that one anymore, now that its parameters increasingly include people who live in the 'burbs?


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ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

Was she on welfare before she gave her kids eight siblings? Let's not forget she took "fertility pills" or whatever to have one more - not eight. Unlike the polits and celebs who step into the fishbowl knowing they're in the spotlight, I doubt Ms Suleman had eight more kids in order to have her life criticized.


I tend to believe Suleman's mom, who says she is raising the first eight youngsters herself, up to three of whom are disabled. Suleman seems way too flighty to take on the responsibility of caring for the youngsters...she's caught up in taking care of her self-image...at least one plastic surgeon told a tabloid TV reporter that Suleman apparently wants to cast herself in the image of her reported idol, UN goodwill ambassador and actress Angelina Jolie. In reality, the house where her mother lives with the six kids has walls strewn with food stains. Suleman herself protests that food stamps(on which she's living)are not welfare. Also, she now claims she can pay for the kids' care using her student loans. (Pay for your tuition with student loans, lady. That's why they're granted. Get a part-time job to help your mother raise your younguns...all 14 of them!)

James B.

Sarc, the answer to your question is yes, she was on welfare before the new crop of eight kids.

And don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking all people who accept/request welfare. I'm simply questioning why the people who've made a career of judging one's character by whether or not they support themselves alone or get the state to help haven't spoken out in condemnation against this woman's welfare help.

And I stand by my speculation: that they're easing up 'cause they realize they can no longer just pin the welfare mom label on women from the 'hood.

As for Suleman, c'mon. Of course, she didn't do this 'cause she was looking to have her life criticized. But that spotlight you're talking about? Even her own publicists acknowledge that in her perfect world she'll land a parenting-themed TV show and big bucks out of this. So she's seeking spotlight...sort of.


Certifiably insane would be my take.
That would be her doctor, too.

James B.

No doubt about that, Pamela. That doctor's trying to be Frankenstein. He should have his license suspended at least.


I think the in vitro aspect makes the issue different and also the change in stigma.

With the unemployment rate the way it is, more an more people are turning to some kind of aid... I just think that in this particular climate the "insult" of "Welfare Mom" just doesn't have the same kick.

And I do think that because she seems nuts the anger should be pointed toward the doctors.


How does a woman on welfare, or whatever you want to call it, get invitro fertilization paid for? Is that a welfare benefit? It's pretty expensive here.

James B.

Kay, I hear ya. But climate never stopped pundits before.

And Monty, that's the million dollar - no, make that $100,000 to $200,000 - question.

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