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Nadya Suleman Pt. 3

As much as the Octomom annoys me for all the obvious reasons, am I the only one who thinks its mean and almost cowardly of her now-former public relations team to drop her 'cause they started receiving threats previously reserved for her?

It seems almost predatory for that firm to ditch her now.

They say they took her on as a pro bono client to "help" her deal with media queries and "opportunities," because her story needed to be shared through the right lens.

 I called BS on that from the beginning and said they should've just admitted they took her on as a client 'cause they were banking on her making big bucks in the future and joining Suleman in cashing in on her 15 minutes of infamy.

But when the threats - corny and criminal - started pouring in, they ditched her, citing the death threats as too hot and heavy for them.

"We've gotten her through the worst part of it and now they are putting their venom and anger toward us," says Joann Killeen.

Hmmm. Translation: Now that we're being threatened too it's no longer important to us to make sure her story is shared with the public through the right lens....and it makes working for free no fun at all!


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Not Nadya

You're not alone in thinking the Killeen woman is a gutless hack.

As a man who plans to clone himself 14 times and go on welfare, you can bet I'll select a far more dedicated publicist.

Any decent PR team can perform a slick cash-grab without caving to a fear of woodchippers.


Jeni Hill Ertmer

I'm trying to steer totally clear of this story! Not because I have nothing to say -what I think, how I feel about this whole deal is not anywhere near ready to be made public. Maybe never will be cause I don't know that I can tone it down enough to write about it in a blog without turning the air around me and everyone's screens probably blue too! Bad vibes I have, I'll say that and let it drop -at least for now. I will say this much though -I think that young woman should have a total psychiatric examination!


Poor babies. Everybody jumpin' on (then off) the bandwagon their pulling for the rest of their lives.

btw, I saw an interview with the grandmother this evening. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

"They'd put me in the wood chipper and throw me in the bottom of the ocean and hope I die,"

Oh, yeah - I'd say death would be a certainty if those were to happen.

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