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Psychic Friends is back

That's not bad grammar. I'm talking about the Psychic Friends Network.

Seriously, they're back. See for yourself. There's even a B-list actress on board, it appears.

Hopeully, none of you were among the numbnuts who gave these jackasses money back in the day when Mr. Ed Dionne Warwick was helping promote the network.

But if you were, let me be the first to say THE ECONOMY IS NOT QUITE THAT BAD!

Sorry, for the shouting - all caps is shouting, right? - but if you insist on giving your money away to learn things you don't know about yourself, just mail your money to me. No PayPal. Just send cash and money orders to 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132, and I promise I will tell you all about yourself.

Whatever you do though, don't forget to read the fine print.

Disclaimer: All advice given on the Burnettiquette Friends Network is for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously...unless I say so.


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ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

At about :50 the woman says, "You can get as intimate as you'd like with your psychic friends." Back where I come from they call that phone sex.


The Psychic Friends network went bankrupt, right? You'd think that- being psychic and all- they'd have seen that coming.


Please tell me things I don't know about myself. I can't pay you though ha ha - that much I know. ;)


I thought they got raided -- by law enforcement for something some time back ??

ps. Are you and the Mrs. predicting anything new in 2009?

James B.

Ha! Sarc, I think we come from similar places. Actually, I know we do.

Og, good point. They should've warned Dionne Warwick that her niece (Whitney Houston) was gonna marry a fathead who would be a bad influence.

C, predictions ain't free. Just ask Dr. Phil. I'm just kidding. Let me think about it. I'll tell you some things. You may have to fill me in a little first, then I'll give you a genuine, (hopefully) level-headed guy's analysis.

Pamela, you must be psychic. We're not predicting. But we're certainly praying and have our fingers crossed ;-)

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