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I shouldn't crack jokes, but I can't stand those infomercials, featuring that guy with the Popeye face, pitching the ShamWow shammy cloth.

Anyway, that guy, Vince Shlomi, 44, was in my backyard recently and got busted for punching a hooker.

That can't be good for the marketing of liquid absorbing cloths.


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At least he had something with which to sop up the blood!


His next gig will be to run for Congress.


This is disturbing. I now no longer want a ShamWow. I was never that into the SlapChop, but the ShamWow? That's a piece of marvelous toweling.

James B.

Wavemancali, ouch! But Vince shouldn't have any problem repackaging the Slapchop.

Monty, who, pray tell, would dare vote for a politician who has a past in beating hookers? Oh, nevermind.

Melissa, this incident gives new meaning to the "Slapchop." I'll never again hear that word, see Vince's face, and think of diced vegetables.

Jeni Hill Ertmer

I just love your logic, James!

ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

Can you send a hooker over to Billy Mays please??


I guess the ShamWow isn't the only thing part of the commercial that sucks.


HA!! I knew he looked sketchy!!

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