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Tweet Dreams!!!

I had a Twitter nightmare last night. No joke. I fell asleep peacefully enough, but as I drifted off I started dreaming about a Tweet someone sent me and that I responded to.

It wasn't a real Tweet. It was part of the dream.

But instead of the conversation ending there it grew more mundane and the replies wouldn't stop. And I couldn't figure out how to break free from the other Twit. Trying to get away from that conversation thread was futile, like trying to resist the Borg, or like trying to run up the down escalator - and not just any escalator, but rather one of those seemingly mile high, incredibly steep ones that lead to/fro' the subway in Atlanta.

Eventually I snapped awake in a sweat, trying figure out how Twitter had bored into my brain like a weevil.

That's it. No punchline. I swear that was my nightmare last evening.

Somewhere there's a metaphor or a parable or a simile or a Freudian meaning in this dream. Or maybe I'm just a loser who spends too much time on Twitter (and I spend just a fraction of the time that most of my friends and friendly colleagues do).

Until we figure it out though, follow me at http://twitter.com/jamesburnett.


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ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

By chance, was the other twit Billy Mays?


Oh my… people who Tweet are Twits! Classic!

(Maybe that isn’t a new concept… but it was new to me)

--Kay, Recovering Twit.

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