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Father Cutié

That's pronounced Coo-tee-yay.

Wanna get that straight from the jump - not 'cause I'm homophobic, but because I don't want to cause the poor guy anymore trouble than he's already in.

If you're unfamiliar with his story, Rev. Alberto Cutié, a Catholic priest in Miami Beach was removed from his pastorate by the Miami Archdiocese earlier this week, after photos surfaced in a Mexican tabloid magazine of Father Cutié on the beach kissing and canoodling with........a woman!

The allegation from church officials is that Father Cutié violated his vow of celibacy and thus dishonored the pulpit, the church, etc.

You know me and this blog. I don't take shots at religions unless a reader/commenter throws a religious doctrine that I think is wrong in my face.

But even though no one threw this topic in my face, I have to comment on it. I'm not anti-Catholic. I'd say a good quarter of my close friends are Catholic - at least in name, even if some of 'em don't practice. And I'm familiar with the scriptures that Catholic theologians say is the basis of the celibacy rule for priests. I don't agree with it, but I'm familiar with it.

Anyway, I feel bad for Father Cutié, 'cause I don't think any adult should have to suppress natural feelings in the name of formal religion. I just don't see God telling any man who loves women "You can't serve me, 'cause you act on your attraction to the opposite sex, and you should be reserving all your love for me!"

And yes, I'm also familiar with the argument that men who enter the clergy are supposed to sacrifice their earthly desires.

Still, I just can't see it. It doesn't make sense to me, at all.

Of course, take passion out of the debate, and you could argue that Father Cutié shot himself in the foot, 'cause no human held a gun to his head and forced him to become a priest, and that he knew going into the priesthood that women were off the menu. It's like the soldier who joins the Army during peacetime, knowing that service can sometimes require combat duty, but when a war breaks out he protests having to fight, saying it goes against his beliefs.

Either way, the way I see it If you believe in God, then you probably believe in some form of Creation. And if you believe in some form of Creation, you can't tell me with a straight face, no matter your formal religion, and that a fair God would "create" people with sexual desires but at the same time tell people "You can't take a leadership role in my army unless you suppress those desires."

My dad's a clergyman. I'm glad he didn't suppress any desires.

You guys wouldn't have the benefit of my good looks and wisdom.


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Its good that you have good looks and wisdom. I'm plumb out today.


better a woman than ... well, you know

ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

Maybe he'll get better press if he starts calling himself a "Born Again" ... oh, never mind.


No man can serve two masters. If you're going to be a full time priest, it means you can't be a part time husband and father.

The Catholic priesthood practices celibacy not because they wish to deny those men their desires, but because they want those men to concentrate on their jobs, and not have to deprive their families of their right to their presence. "Sorry, honey, I have to go to the hospital again tonight because there's another sick parishioner". In many Christian sects, the pastorate is a part time job that you can practice and have a full time life outside.

A Catholic Priest is a Catholic Priest 24/7, for the rest of eternity. Some are not suited. Few are called. Fewer still are chosen.

Born Catholic, Living Christian

NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders reported on this issue this morning on Today. Among the Revelations (no pun intended): Scholars say the Catholic Church established the no marriage clause to prevent the spouse from inheriting the priests "limited wealth," upon his death. Basically, like everything else it's all about money.

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