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Happy Anniversary!!!!

...to Mrs. B and me.

That's right. Today marks four years since Mrs. B and I tied the knot.

And I mean this in the most positive way, but it feels like 40 years. Not 'cause it's been a drag, but because time has flown.

She and I have ridden a couple of roller coasters, and we've always finished the ride sturdier and stronger than when we climbed aboard.

Our first couple of anniversaries I tried to wax poetic. Not today. I have nothing to prove to anyone but her and me. We love each other. She sometimes annoys me. I sometimes annoy her. We laugh, we cry, we argue. We get over it. We're down like Bonnie & Clyde, minus the murder and bank robbery, of course.

I look forward to forty more years.

Now, if you'll excuse me, we're going to go celebrate.

BTW, I don't often single people out just for being nice. But I have to give special kudos to Monty AKA The CEO, for those of you who've read his knowledgeable comments on the economy under that moniker. Monty and I have never met in person. We have had extensive conversations online and via email. And I can say with a straight face that I've had deeper talks with him than I've had with some people I've considered friends for 10-years or more. So when I awakened this morning, what did find once I got wired? A card from Monty and his wife, wishing Mrs. B and me a happy anniversary. That my friends and frienemies is a good friend!


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Jeni Hill Ertmer

I love the way you put your feelings out about your marriage. I think a lot of people tend to feel once they get married that it will be all smooth sailing forever and the first little problem that crops up then, they're ready to throw in the towel. And I think you and Mrs. B don't operate that way, do you?
Anyway, hope you have a great anniversary and many, many more to come as well!


Gratz on 4 years :)


happy anniversary!!


Thank you, ladies. And Jeni, no, Mrs. B and I don't operate like that, knock on wood.


Happy Anniversary! I need proof in my life that relationships are worth it... thanks for being the pudding!

such a love is this,
to never have missed
the chance to embrace
your lovely face...


Ok...so I'm a day late, but happy anniversary!!

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