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Weekend Pictures

Can you tell I'm feeling lazy? I want to give you images, not words.

But if a picture is really worth a thousand words, then, I'm giving you guys a five or six thousand word essay here.

So I never thought I'd become one of "those" dog owners. DogDaysJB&L3 You know the kind that take their dogs to dog-themed festivals and what not? But Mrs. B rubbed off on me, and where our last dog Cheko - may he rest in peace - was a little unsociable in his old age, our current dog Leo, the Labradinger, is in the mix. So here's Leo and me at a park a few blocks from Burnettiquette World Headquarters, where dog loons were hosting a Dog Days of Summer festival.

Here's Leo with a dog I believe is Star, one of his buddies, in the background.


Here's Mrs. B melting in the heat, across from Leo and me.


Here are the two mourning doves that fell BabyBirds1 from a poorly built nest in our back yard. When Mrs. B found 'em, Leo was sniffing them. Pleasantly surprised that he didn't seem interested in eating them. Mrs. B called a forestry person and they told her to build a makeshift nest and put the birds back in the tree and the mother dove, who is a terrible home-builder, would take 'em back. So Mrs. B gathered the old nest and put it in this cardboard box and I strapped the box with bailing wire on top of a limb in the tree.

Here's the fallen doves' tree in the yard.BabyBirds4  You might be able to see their box/nest from the bottom. Maybe not.


Sun doing its thing on the beach, down the street from Burnettiquette World Headquarters.



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