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Kill the dog or pimp slap the owner?

The owner of a pit bull mix, who is scheduled to be put down soon for attacking and killing a neighbor's cat, is suing Broward County, Fla., officials to overturn his doggy's death penalty and the law that condemned his dog.

Brian Hoesch, 25, says a year-old one-strike-and-you're-dead law against dogs who kill other domestic animals in unprovoked attacks is unfair and amounts to seizure of property (in this case, the dog itself) without first giving the owner reasonable time and leeway to correct the dog's behavior.

The late cat's owner says tough nuts and may the dog have a peaceful journey to the doggy afterlife. Can't say I blame him. The cat was lounging on his porch when the dog came over and attacked it.

I feel for the dog, especially since her attorney claims she was mistreated as a pup. And in a perfect world I'd say spare her. But we don't live in a perfect world. And vicious animals probably should get put down if they can't be isolated, or maybe whether or not they can be isolated. I know that bad dogs tend to get that way from having bad owners. So if Hoesch wins and the law's changed and his dog is allowed to come home, what guarantee is there that Hoesch will do a better job keeping his dog secured?

Hoesch's stepdad had this to say of the inmate: ''She's really a very sweet dog. But unfortunately, she got out and killed the cat. She has a natural instinct to chase furry things. Our goal is to get her home.''

"She has a natural instinct to chase furry things."

Hmmm. I don't think the chasing part was what caused the problem here. I'm thinking it was the biting and killing part. But I haven't watched The Dog Whisperer in months, so what do I know?


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class factotum

By the owner's logic, we should not put murderers in jail because 1) they have not had a chance to correct their behavior and 2) it's just their natural instinct.

Mrs. T

Prey drive, and human aggression should not be confused.
Did you know that prey drive cannot be trained out of an animal? Like labs retrieve and bloodhounds track, many terriers and sighthounds have problems with prey. Countless stories of Greyhounds killing rabbits and cats never even make the news, yet not many people would fight for a Jack Russel to be euthanized, would they?
The owner of the pit bull mix should have taken measures to ensure her dog's safety - meaning keep her dog properly leashed. I still don't understand why cat owners allow their cats to roam either - I see no good side to this story. Both people were foolish in their inability to supervise their animals and/or keep them safely contained.


It shouldn't be a choice, both should happen.

Kill the dog and charge the owner with destruction of property(the cat) and with any leash law/animal handling violations that exist.

What happens when the grade school puts on a version of Cats and the neighbor child gets the role of Mistoffelees hmmm?


I must say that this is such uninformed reporting that it hurts my head! Yes, it is tragic that an animal is dead, and yes the owner should be punished for not properly securing their dog, given that it was abused as a puppy and has, as was proven, a strong prey drive... but a strong prey drive a) is normal in so many dogs b) cannot be really trained out of them and c) DOES NOT TRANSLATE INTO HUMAN AGGRESSION!!!
And if we are planning on putting down animals that kill others, shouldn't practically every cat out there be euthanized?
This owner should be given a set of strict rules to follow in order to ensure that such an accident never happens again, but he should definitely be given a second chance, just like his dog.

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