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Self-serving news

So, in addition to writing feature articles, I'm now adding "columnist" to my shingle. Starting Friday, my weekly column will run on the Metro section front of The Miami Herald. And if you don't get the paper, you can read it each week at MiamiHerald.com. I'll also be doing a weekly live chat on Friday afternoons with anyone who wants to question, challenge, agree, or just mix it up with me about that day's column, or anything else that's relevant in the news. Read all about it, here, or watch a short piece on it, here.

I am excited, no doubt about that. Most of you know the difference, but for the few stragglers, let me explain. In news articles you (should) find a combination of facts and details tracked down and compiled by the reporter, with context - who, what, when, where, why, etc.

In columns and editorials, and the like, a news writer gives his opinion on those facts and details, and that context.

So until now, my blog has been the only place I've bee able to share my opinion, since it was imperative to keep it out of my "news" articles. Now, I'll keep up the blog, but I'll be weighing in on life in South Florida and, when it's relevant, how life down here relates to life elsewhere.

PS. Follow me: http://twitter.com/jamesburnett.


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Jeni Hill Ertmer

Sounds interesting to me and I do believe the paper has the right man for the job too. You have a great way of giving your opinion and in doing so, encouraging others to see more than one side to an issue as well.


Congratulations, well deserved. I look forward to reading it.


Congratulations and best wishes for the success of your column! Do you know what day(s) your column will be published?

Al Charteer

I'll be in your corner until the second you become a "black columnist" instead of a "colunist."

If you decide to be the champion of black causes or Obama or the race card, I'm out. If you decide to be the champion of all people, including whites, Hispanics and conservatives, I'm for you.

Truth knows no race or political leaning. Truth is deserving of a champion. Be that.

James B.

Beni, Wavemancali, Classof65, thank you!

Al Charteer, are you serious? I won't even dignify your comment with a short answer. That might inadvertently give someone the wrong impression that I'm taking your admonition seriously or that it's based in fact. I'll address you more thoroughly in a separate post tomorrow...or tonight, if I get bored before the end of First 48.

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