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More than 1/3 of people lie about their weight

According to a study by AOL, 42% of people surveyed said they absolutely would not tell the truth about their weight if asked.

Thirty-seven percent said they'd lie to a spouse about their weight.

And 39% said they'd be willing to shave up to 10% off their weight in order to deceive someone.

What I was most curious about but didn't see in the survey was who lied more about their weight, men or women.

At risk of getting boycotted, I'm gonna guess it's women...but just barely.

I think it's a myth that women are so much more self-conscious than men about their weight.

Sure, women I've known are really sensitive about such questions. I even had an ex-girlfriend back in the day nearly break down in tears and walk out of a department store when a sales clerk gently but adamantly told my ex that there was just no way she was going to squeeze herself into a size 2, unless she placed a 1 before the two.

Not nice, I know.

But of all the guys I know (not all of them beautifully sculpted like me), while I can only think of two who ever got that stressed out about their weight (and those two were morbidly obese), most guys I know stressed over their weight during their single days. They just stressed behind closed doors and banked on the fact that other guys just wouldn't query them on weight.

Here's the difference I noticed between men and women. Both worry about their weight in terms of their outward appearance. But men don't sweat the actual number as much as women, because they know that women who aren't in some sort of fitness or health-related line of work really have no idea what guys want to weigh, or should weigh.

An overweight guy with enough self-confidence can get away with walking around, sucking in his gut, and pretending that big automatically translates to muscular.

It may be 'cause society in general has been so much more biased toward them, but I just can't imagine an overweight woman attempting to pull off the same stunt as the overweight guy.

Who knows - maybe I'm reading too much into the study.

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Oh James... I lie about my weight all the time.

Except last month when I went on a helicopter flight and I wrote down the truth. I couldn't let my shame extend to crashing a copter because the weight wasn't distributed correctly.


I don't lie about my weight. I know, odd right? But by being honest about it helps keep me motivated to keep it in check.

I am 136 pounds. My goal is 130. i'm working on it.

I do wonder why we women stress about the number. Really, we are so diff that 130 on me might look very very diff than 130 on someoene else. -shrug-

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