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My Friday Column: Practical Environmentalism Through Priorities

Happy Friday, friends and frienemies.

Today's Miami Herald Metro column is about how to get average people to care about the environment.

But don't let that one line lead you to assume you know the direction this story takes. Give it a read here.

A hint for you: We prioritize what we need, whether that's food, shelter, work, money, transportation, or something less serious. When we don't need, we de-stress. When we de-stress, we care about our surroundings, ie. our environment - our literal surroundings and the environment as we think of it by traditional definitions.

Anyway, check out the column, and don't forget to follow me at: http://twitter.com/jamesburnett.


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Good point. It's the hierarchy of human needs that allows us to get motivated about anything else, when you are hungry or scared - who cares if that empty coke bottle really extends the life of the planet if you can't make it to next week.

the sarcasticynic

The Face of the Earth + Dropped Off = James Burnett?

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