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My Friday Column: To snitch or not to snitch

What's crackin' folks? Happy Friday to you.

My column in today's Miami Herald is about a kid who sort of bucked a national trend and "snitched" on another kid who was trying to commit a theft. The kid who reported the attempted theft got second and third-degree burns for his trouble, when the other kid rounded up several friends, tracked down the "snitch" and set him on fire.

We have this tunnel vision - some of us do, anyway - that says "stop snitching" is an urban phenomenon that takes place in the so-called 'hood and (only) involves gangbangers and wannabe rappers and poverty-stricken people who fear gangbangers and wannabe rappers.

In reality though, "stop snitching" is an American phenomenon. It's as classic as apple pie and Ballpark franks. It is pervasive in police departments, in the military, among athletes who know damned well that teammates are abusing 'roids, among young siblings, etc.

And so when something like this happens, we all shake our fists and say "How dare they set this kid on fire!" But our culture says something else, because "snitching" is discouraged no matter what we say on our soapboxes.

Anyway, read the column here.


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the sarcasticynic

"Well looky here - some dude's tryin' to make off with Daddy's bike. I'd tell someone, but then I'd worry that some gang might set me on fire."

Good god, man, which side has control these days? Did anyone snitch on the arsonists, or were they worried that 25 of them would return and blow up their house??

James B.

Sarc, the five kids who set their classmate on fire (like him, four of them are 15-years-old; one suspect is 13) are in police custody, and are being held for the next three weeks in kiddie jail, while prosecutors decide whether or not to charge them all as adults.

the sarcasticynic

Well, boys will be boys, I guess ...


Well-written and thought-provoking article!


I can't even find words to say how disgusted this makes me feel. I have a child with autism and worry everyday about bullying he'll endure for being different let alone stand up for himself.

This is why I am tempted to buy a gun.

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