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Only in Florida: Raccoon Gang Jumps Elderly Woman

When a 74-year-old Lakeland, FL, woman tried to stop a band of raccoons from loitering in her yard by shooing them away, the racoons surrounded her and attacked.

Seriously, I won't even crack jokes, 'cause she was injured. They didn't bite her much, but Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Gretchen Whitted "was filleted," the animals scratched her up so badly.

But the crazy thing about this to me is when Whitted shooed them, the racoons had the presence of mind to form a circle around her before attacking.

That's crazy! That's crazy on a Planet of the Apes level. I will never again look at two or more racoons the same way. And if I see two or more of them hanging out, whether in my yard or not, I'm gonna leave them alone.

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Hey JB,
I'm not suprised-they're smart. I've actually heard stories of them ganging up on dogs and killing the dog.


Raccoons are nothing but vicious, obnoxious vermin. We have them here where I live and they aren't even native to the area, but were brought in by idiots who thought they were "cute". In most rural areas around here they are kept in line by judicious use of a shotgun.


It is one of the "Truth is stranger" news items.

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