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#Roxxxy cares about what you have to say

Please tell me you've heard of Roxxxy? If not, follow the link. She's not a porn star, but rather the world's first sex robot.

And I thought the Futurama episode featuring Fry and Bender falling in love with a Lucy Liu-bot was just funny. It has come true!

Seriously though, the most fascinating thing about Roxxxy to me isn't her flexibility - and I'm just assuming she bends like Gumby for $7,000 to $9,000 apiece. It's that her makers are marketing Roxxxy as good for mental stimulation and intimate conversation. She is, they argue, a total companion, not just some cheap rubberized robot without feelings, to have sex with.

Think about that one. Douglas Hines, the engineer who invented Roxxxy, and spelled her name with that triple-X, says she's best at conversation. And her other gifts are secondary.

You buyin' that? I'm not.

But apparently, Roxxxy comes with multple optional personalities, including two named Frigid Farrah, and Wild Wendy, respectively. Yes, you can purposely choose a chatty, live-in companion whose first name is "Frigid." And she's not rich and doesn't come with a trousseau.

Hines says Roxxxy comes with a laptop that is programmed to make her smarter over time by drawing from the World Wide Web to update her programming and expand her vocabulary. Hines likes soccer. His Roxxxy discusses Manchester United with him. And his Roxxxy snores.

I'm still trying to decide if the whole marketing message that Roxxxy's good for the mind first and loins second is brilliant promotion, or if Hines and co. are just delusional enough to think whoever spends up to $9K for a boom-chicka-wah-wah-bot is doing so for the conversation.

Surely they didn't consult the D&D club members who will be pooling allowance money to buy Roxxxys for their folks' basements.

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