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Friday Column: World peace, kid style

What's crackin' friends? Hope your week has been blessed.

Check out my regular column in today's Miami Herald.

Here is the link.

And here is a synopsis: A group of Miami-area school kids have been "practicing" a plan for learning to get along with different types of people over the past few months. No high-end social science. No intense psychological manipulation. No government brain implants (had to throw that in for the conspiracy theorists). Instead, these kids simply hand-wrote lettters to one another. They became pen pals. The inadvertent result was that for four months they got to know each other without ever laying eyes on one another. So by the time they finally met this week, as part of Super Bowl festivities in South Florida, these kids - black, white, Latino, rich, poor, male, female, etc. - were comfortable with one another, and considered themselves to be friends. No where in the equation did the factor superficial qualities like looks. In other words they based their new relationships on attitudes, common interests, and words. Those three elements proved so strong that the kids believe they were bound to be friends regardless of all the nonsense that keeps certain adults from letting down their guards.

Follow the link to read the whole column.

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