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Mental Healthcare in Haiti

My article in today's Miami Herald about psych treatment in Haiti and changing attitudes about it:


On a recent Friday morning, Marie Kettie Geolnarol-Archer, between appointments in the Champ de Mars neighborhood, stopped people in the street and on the sidewalk, gently squeezing shoulders and patting backs until they looked her in the eye.

``You are not crazy,'' she told them. ``Everything will be OK.''

Geolnarol-Archer is a psychologist, and while her sidewalk ``treatments'' may have been casual and unorthodox, the most unusual thing about them was the responses....

Go here to read the rest of the story.


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Sometimes the evolution of the planet creates another evolution for people.


"Hog tied" the patient and took him to the hospital. Gosh - I know some people that need that.

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