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Texting While Driving...and my lovely voice

The two do not go together. Trust me.

First things, first: My Friday column is about texting while driving. Do I really need to tell you it's a bd practice? And I swear I'm not just asking 'cause Oprah says it ain't right. Seriously. I'd have said so anyway. For reals!

Anyway, researchers at the University of Utah say texting and talking on cell phones can cause drivers to be as distracted as if they were legally drunk.

More than 500,000 people are injured and 6,000 killed each year in car accidents involving a driver who was texting while behind the wheel.

I confess, I've done it waaaaaay too many times. And I'm fortunate I didn't kill someone or myself. I've stopped, unless I'm at a red light or in a parking lot, or stopped somewhere else. No more texting in moving traffic for me.

In fact, I'm not sure I should even talk on my cell phone in the car. Yeah, I have speakerphone, headsets, etc., but I can't tell you how many times I've gotten so engrossed in a conversation that I've arrived at Point B not even remembering a single detail of the commute from Point A. I'll have to think about cutting back on or cutting out the cell talking while driving too.

So the Florida Legislature had a chance to vote in committee this week on a bill that would ban texting while driving in the Sunshine State. Instead the bill died before a vote, 'cause one lawmaker decided it was silly  to go after texting without also going after other behaviors distracting to drivers. In theory she's right. But why not start with texting and work on banning those other things later?

You can read the full text of my Friday column here.

On to my pipes: You can hear me and colleagues discuss this, Gov. Charlie Crist's ditching of the GOP, and other topics from noon - 1 p.m. today - Friday - at wlrn.org, or if you're in South Florida, at 91.3 FM.

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As bad as S. Fla. drives anyway, on good days with no alcohol or weather involved, adding texting to the mix is completely out of the question. Even if you're capable and alert, you have to be hyper aware of the mistakes other drivers are making constantly!


agreed. I see it all the time and it scares the padoodie out me. Especially at 70 mph down the freeway.. passing me.

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