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Does Lemon need a lesson in tech etiquette?

If you caught video of the Dolphins mini-camp, you may have noticed quarterback Cleo Lemon had a Bluetooth stuck in his ear during a media interview. Lemon_bluetooth_3

It seemed rude to some people that he didn't take the phone off, and Cam Cameron brought it up in a press conference that he didn't understand why Lemon had the phone in his ear.

I didn't think having a Bluetooth resting on your ear was something worth bringing up in a press conference. I was with my family when the news came on, and it was clear that my parents found it disrespectful and were shocked that someone would dare have a phone in their ear, whereas I just thought it was pretty lazy on his part. But if I was interviewing him, I don't think I would feel offended.

Perhaps with new technology comes the need to learn new etiquette. Our parents taught us table manners, so the next generation needs to teach their children things like cell phone and texting manners. An Associated Press story featured in today's Business Monday about E-mail etiquette seemed like common sense to me, but then again many people I know could use a few lessons in tech etiquette -- especially in a culture that is expected to be in touch 24/7.


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