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Marketing meets Microsoft

If you haven't already heard, Microsoft acquired aQuantive, a online advertising company, for $6 billion today. This comes after a month of deal-making in the online advertising industry, including Google's purchase of DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

Today I spoke with Gaston Legorburu, a chief creative officer with Sapient, also a online marketing agency. Legorburu is based in Miami and said when they heard the news, they were walking around ecstatic, "like we just went public today."

Pc_3aQuantive manages Avenue A/Razorfish, an interactive advertising agency (with an office in Fort Lauderdale), which is Sapient's top competition, he said. And these online advertising deals are bringing lots of attention to Sapient - and similar companies - helping them become big players.

"I think Microsoft is going to have a hard time with the agency part of the business," Legorburu said, adding that there are brand and cultural challenges Microsoft might face. "Microsoft isn't exactly a touchy-feely company."

He might have a point there, especially when people imagine Microsoft to be the pudgy pocket-protecting dweeb "PC" from the Mac commercials.

Read more about it here.


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