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Where no mouse has gone before

My latest 60-second review is the Rocketfish Twister Wireless Notebook Mouse. I wouldn't spend $44.99 for a mouse. My Microsoft mouse works just dandy and it's half the price. But the Rocketfish is a bit more pricey because of its unique features. It's about as thick as a cellphone (not counting those Razr-like phones) and can fit into a pocket.

Rocketfish1_2 The bottom twists to form a curve in the mouse that fits in your palm. (It reminds me of a Star Trek phaser, which for me just adds to the neat-o factor.)

And when you want to tuck it away, just twist the bottom back and it's flat for storage. Rocketfish2

Although I'm not one who has the need to stick a mouse in my pocket, I do like how it will fit easier in my laptop case.

But the most important part: the laser works without a hiccup. I would rather have an actual scroll wheel than a touchpad, but then it wouldn't be Star-Treky.

Have you used the Rocketfish Twister Mouse? Have you already found the perfect mouse? (Or bought the mouse from Hell?) Just click that comment link and tell me about it.


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