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The final countdown

I've spent the day checking out the lines of people camping out at AT&T stores for an iPhone. Although I think waiting since 4 a.m. Wednesday is just crazy, most people I talked to got in line this morning.

Marcello Puerta, 23, got in line at about 8 a.m. today, wearing a stained "Mr. Fusion" T-shirt (yes, from Back to the Future. I would give him props for the shirt... if he ever washed the thing.) He told me he had to get his wife's permission before he'd be able to wait -- and he's not even getting an iPhone! He's waiting in line for his friend Freddy Marceca, who apparently promised Marcello a Nintendo DS in exchange for waiting.

I'd wait for money! Or better yet, I'll wait for you if you buy me an iPhone. I don't have an AT&T plan, but I can sell it off ebay for some quick cash.

Speaking of which, have you seen the bets you can place on the iPhone at BetUS.com? There are 1/2 odds that someone will pay at least three times the price ($1500) for the phone. There are also 150/1 odds that it will spontaneously combust. (How amazing would that be? Well, not for people who buy it, but for a good laugh at their expense, very amazing.)


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