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Another "ring of death" for Xbox 360

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for Xbox, today an attorney in Fort Lauderdale has filed a suit claiming that Microsoft's Xbox 360 causes "destructive scratches" to the games, and is asking Microsoft to pay for all the games it ruins.

I spoke with the layer who filed the case and he said it's a problem with the laser that reads the game. And his case sites that more than 1,000 Dutch customers made these complaints in February of this year, and a Dutch television program called Kassa investigated the complaints and found that the lasers do damage disks. It damaged the disks when the console was moved during play, and sometimes when it was stationary. It also states that Microsoft Netherlands acknowledged there can be a problem.

You can read the complaint here: Download Complaint.pdf

Here is a video from Kassa's report.

The attorney says Microsoft does not warn users to not move the position of the console during play. You can read my story about it here. If the "Red Ring of Death" wasn't bad enough, now there's talk of the laser causing a damaging ring around the game.

Many other sites that talk about this damage, like llamma.com.


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