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Vote Florida's cities into Everyscape.com

Everyscape.com is working to build 3D versions of real cities to explore, along with pop-ups of where local stores and other landmarks are (for example, go in front of the Macy's building, and it tells you it's Macy's along with a hyperlink to the company's site.) Just by looking at the example on the site, this has the potential to be serious competition for Google Maps Street View, especially when used as a tool for tourism.

Everyscape launched today and is asking for votes on which cities it should build next. (Hint hint, lets vote for some Florida cities!) So far they have San Fransisco completed. Go to Everyscape.com to vote for which city you want to see next.

By the end of 2007, the company said it plans to have built 10 metropolitan areas, five of which will depend on the votes. The winning communities will be announced in September. They are also looking for "Scape Artists" if you want to shoot a few photos and help them create some South Florida cities.


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Big Brother

Very cool...however, I think Google already has all of the 3d buildings for most of the big cities and just this week they sent out a whole bunch of vehicles to capture more street view images. I think they are going to blend both data sets soon.




I think startups will find it difficult to compete with Google. Although it's a good thing that the competition is tight. There is another startup called MapJack.com which is also cool. Pretty similar to Everyscape.

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