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Are you on PeekYou?

Peekbutton ...because I'm not (for now, thank goodness.) PeekYou.com launched yesterday in Beta and is designed to be a directory of all things you. The idea is that if I type in your name, I can find all your social networking pages and any other presence you have online. As of now it hasn't found me, or my usernames, but I was able to find a few of my friends. (It said there are more than 50 million people listed.)

It encourages you to add information if you're not listed, or to add your friend's pages if they are not listed. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem quite right that someone else can add info about me to this directory. What if someone has an alias online and they don't want the whole world to know his or her real name? (Not that I'm worried about people seeing my pages, it's just an example.) And you can add photos for other people! What if they add an ugly or wrong photo?! At the same time, you can also remove anything from anyone's listing.

If you want to make sure people are not posting your information out there (unless you don't mind), better keep an eye on this site. Or you can register and lock your profile so only you can edit your information. I like the concept of an online directory, but is this the right way to do it?


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Cool - I am on that site. How did they find me?


Yeah, I'm definitely on there. how disturbing.

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