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Barbie mp3 player is having a blonde moment

I'm having a few product review problems this week.

Barbie_2 For one, it's the first time I can't get a product to start. I'm in the middle of reviewing the Barbie Girls MP3 Doll by Mattel. It's a cute gadget -- you get to dress your MP3 player like a doll and buy her accessories. But I haven't been able to get to the MP3 part yet. You see, when you first install the Barbie Girls software, it asks you to enter in the serial number code on the bottom of her stand to validate your purchase. But it keeps telling me my code is invalid.

I tried various things to get it to work. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I tried it on another computer. I asked the PR contact for Barbie to give me another code. Nothing has worked. They are now sending me another Barbie to try out.

It's disappointing because I was really looking forward to testing this. I love Barbie! But hopefully this problem won't happen on the next Barbie they send me.

And I can't help but wonder that if this happened to me, how many other people might face this same problem? The product I tested was the same package that is on store shelves. I didn't get a different version because I was in the media. However, my contact at Barbie tells me there are no reports of such a problem since the doll hit stores last week.

The problems they are having, however, have to do with the Barbie Girls website. Last weekend I went to BarbieGirls.com to sign up, but in the middle of registering it told me there was an error due to high traffic.   ....High traffic? I was on the site at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. A school night for us down here. How many pre-teens were on at 10:30 for it to be too crowded? I just checked back and now the site is completely shut down with the message: Hey Girl, we're busy improving the site. But we'll be back soon!

Clarisonic_3 Sigh. And that's not the end of my product review troubles. I got an e-mail last night telling me a product I reviewed on March 6th is defective. I gave the Clarisonic electric-skin care brush a good review at the time. The makers are recalling the product, saying that it can overheat.

I'll take this opportunity to update my review. Before even learning of the recall, I actually have not enjoyed the Clarisonic after the review. Over time this thing begins to discolor and gets dirty fast. It has many tiny parts that begin to turn color... it's kind of gross. It needs a lot of maintenance to clean, and I don't think it's worth it.

Personally I don't care about the recall. I stopped using mine several months ago, and I'm not going to bother getting another one. But if you have one, be sure have them replace it. Call customer service at 1-888-CLARISONIC (1-888-525-2747) or e-mail info@clarisonic.com.

Here's the letter that was sent to me via e-mail yesterday about the recall:

Dear Bridget,
As an industry insider, we want you to be among the first to know... we are voluntarily recalling Clarisonics in response to a potential electrical malfunction. Be assured that the issue is limited to the product’s internal components, not to its effect on the skin. 
In some instances, the Clarisonic handle or charger can overheat, with the potential for injury or even catching fire. While there are no reports of serious injury or property damage, and the reported incidence rate has been about 1 in 10,000, we are choosing to act with an abundance of caution.
In the coming weeks, you will receive a replacement Clarisonic – so please keep a look out! Your replacement product will include advanced engineering that securely corrects the potential problem, and it will carry a fresh warranty, doubled to two years.
Also included will be packaging and a pre-paid label for you to return your current Clarisonic. Although the reported incidence of overheating is very small, the risk of fire or injury cannot be ignored, so it’s important for you to return your Clarisonic handle and charger.
We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you. We hope you understand that the same dedication to excellence leading to this voluntary recall assures that you enjoy many years of Clarisonic quality skin care. Your safety and happiness are important to us.
David Giuliani, CEO


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Isa Salvador

Dear Bridget,
I am a licensed esthetician working at a dermatologist's office. After reading your negative blog on the Clarisonic Brush (CB) I am compelled to respond because I've had such great successes using and recommending the CB.
I use the CB five days a week, on all my patients, before performing facials, peels, or microdermabrasions. (Same CB handle, but, of course, a clean, dissinfected brush head on each patient.) The CB handle has never overheated and has never malfunctioned. This is why I was very surprised when the CB rep recently visited to inform us of the recall on older models (which is the one I had been using).
Bridget, your blog reads like you are angry and like you are punishing the company for actually being proactive in addressing a possible problem. Actually I am impressed by how they are handling the situation. My old, perfectly functioning CB was switched for the newer model, at no extra cost, and now I will continue to use the new one on all my patients. (I could understand your anger if one day you found out the hard way there was a problem that they knew of and did nothing about!)
You describe your brush being very dirty and not easy to clean. Many of my female patients are wearing a lot of makeup when they see me for treatments. My brush remains perfectly clean and I am kept at a very busy schedule all day long. (I would not use it if it were too time consuming to clean!)
Bridget, I would be happy to invite you to our office and spend time with you showing you how easy it is to use the CG, and keep it clean. Lastly, I wish I had written documentation of all the great comments I hear from my patients now using the Clarisonic Brush. I can't recall not even one patient that has been unhappy with it. We agree that nothing cleans the face better, most state they have clearer complexions, and products used on the face after using the brush will penetrate and work better. Just last week, a patient that lives in the Bahamas and sees me once a month told me she likes the Clarisonic so much that she purchased another one for her husband!
Call me or email me, Bridget! Let's set up a time to meet.
Isa Salvador


Thanks for your review. We seem to have some issues w/the Barbie Girl too. First, the registration. . .it just seems to be "storing registration information" forever. Cannot even get it registered. Second, we created a user on the website, but we log in it says session ended, please sign in again. We sign in again and it just keeps saying session ended, please sign in again. Over and over. . .disappointing for my 7 year old who wants to try this gadget out!


i hope you finally got the barbie mp3 player to work, cause you don't have to register it to use it. you register it to play with their online stuff. since i bought this for my 4 yo, she's not going online for the barbie world.

it's actually plug and play. you only need to plug it into your computer's usb port (with or without the dock) and drag and drop the mp3s onto it.

good luck!

MP3 Players

yeah,it's a cute gadget -- you get to dress your MP3 player like a doll and buy her accessories.

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