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For the lost freshman...

Logogo2_3 The network of mobile-friendly sites called the go2 College network might be something the freaked-out freshman would like to check out. You go to the site that ties in with your college (such as go2UF.com) and it has links to school resources and local movies, restaurants, and so forth.

The main page -- accessible on a regular browser -- has more tools, such as links to the campus map. It would be nice to have features like that on the mobile version. Checking a campus map on a cellphone is much better than being targeted as the lost freshman tangled in a fold-out map on the first day.

The go2 sites have potential, but I'm not sure how long the usefulness lasts. The nearby restaurant feature was pretty good for go2UF, because it gave you directions and phone numbers. And it does the same for clubs and taxi services. But to search for things like local events or sports, you have to go through a gauntlet of searching and entering zip codes. But still, might be good for freshmen to check out if they ever get stuck in their new city.

(And if you're curious, it's not just for colleges. They have go2.com for other major cities.)


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