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More thoughts on Clarisonic

Last week I wrote a post about Clarisonic's recall of electronic facial brushes. In that post I mentioned how although I liked the product when I first tried it, I wasn't happy about how it was not easy to clean. And if it is not cleaned properly, bacteria and mold can easily become a problem.

After that post I was contacted by a Clarisonic employee that does tests on the machine. He wanted to talk to me to get more details about my experience so that they could improve the product. After speaking with him, it was clear I might not have been doing enough to care for the machine. He explained that it is recommended that every piece of the brush head should be disassembled after every use to air dry -- I was leaving them on and only removing them once every two weeks or so to clean. And that cleaning was not easy because I couldn't get into every nook and cranny, even with a Q-tip. But if I air dried it every night, that problem might have been avoided. He also told me that there are new designs since the one I tried several months ago that were created to address problems on mold and bacteria.

After talking with the Clarisonic employee, I'm pretty impressed with the company and its customer service. The company is taking a financial hit with the recall, but if it treats all customers this well, I bet it will bounce back just fine.


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