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Dropping iPhone price = angry Apple customers

Iphone Did you buy an iPhone when it first came out and now you feel suckered that in 68 days the price has dropped $200? There are multiple sites popping up where you can join others who are angry at Apple and demanding a refund. Some say they deserve it for being a first adopter, because all prices go down. Then again, others argue these were loyal Apple fans that got burned, and a price drop like that in less than 90 days isn't fair to consumers.



But those of you that bought an iPhone in the past week, you may be in luck for a refund. Apple has a 10-day price protection guarantee.

UPDATE: Steve Jobs apologizes in this letter and offers a $100 Apple store credit to people who bought the iPhone before this price cut.


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Remember that Apple gave all it's employees a new I-Phone when they first came out. I guess we now know who picked up that cost.

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