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Hollywood men hurt Manatee on MySpace

Nerezza_2We've all seen some stupid things on MySpace, but you gotta be a true moron to put something illegal on there and think you'll never get caught.

Hollywood, Fla. residents Karl F. Kuhn III, 19, and Charles V. Podesta, Jr., 20, were charged Friday for violating the Endangered Species Act by "hooking and fighting a manatee in a Fort Lauderdale-area canal." They got caught because they put videos of this up on a Podesta's MySpace page, which goes by the username Nerezza (which is where I got this photo - seems the video has been deleted on MySpace).

What? Seriously? Not only do you break the law by harming an endangered species, but you post evidence of the crime for the world to see on MySpace. Wow. Good thinking guys -- no one will find it there.

Clearly these guys never grew up watching the Manatee PSA with Mumphery, Mindy and Max. Jerks.


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