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New iPods revealed!

Jobs_ipod Steve Jobs just revealed the newest versions of Apple's iPod media players. The newest iPod is called the iPod Touch: It has a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch screen (like the iPhone) and has built-in wireless Internet access with a Safari browser, so you can download music from anywhere with Wi-Fi access. An 8-gigabyte model will cost $299, and 16 gigabytes will cost you $399.

There's also the new Nano that will be in stores by the weekend. It's tiny but has a larger screen than previous models (2.5-inch monitor) and comes in 4- and 8-gigabyte versions.

Jobs also made an announcement about how Apple is working with Starbucks. The idea is that if you are walking into a Starbucks with an iPod, whatever song is playing in that Starbucks will pop up on your iPod. You can then choose to buy it right on the spot. Now that's nifty. But it won't begin rolling out until October.

And for you iPhone users, iTunes will soon be selling ringtones for 99 cents a song. Ringtones from more than 500,000 songs will go on sale next week. And for those of you that wish you were iPhone users, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone to $399, from $599.

And those old iPods you own? Well, now they will be on sale named the iPod Classic. 'Cause you know, regular iPods are just so retro. But the new versions of the iPod Classic will come with a whopping 80 and 160 gigabytes!

You can read more about it here. Then again, if you couldn't care less about all things Apple, Microsoft also made an announcement today about its portable music player, the Zune. The 30-gigabyte player is now $50 cheaper at $199.


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