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Ford advertises heavily on Cyloop.com

Cyloop The social networking music community of Cyloop.com (which is headquartered in Miami Beach) has announced it created an entire section of its site dedicated to SYNC, a Microsoft technology in Ford vehicles that lets the user play music and make phone calls using voice commands. This is no surprise to anyone who has visited the site, since almost every ad is about Ford and its SYNC.

Cyloop.com is a pretty young site, so I'm sure this partnership is a big help to the site. It's bilingual and focused on Latin artists, but the company plans to branch out into other music genres and markets. I wrote a story about Cyloop earlier this week which you can read here. The site lets you stream all the music you want for free. It partnered with big music labels to grow its music library -- the idea is that eventually there won't be any more need to pirate music if we can listen to as much as we want for free (just have to pay to download.) And the labels split the advertising profits. Will it work? Who can say for sure, but Ford seems to think it's worth the investment.


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