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Local resident launches college resource site

W2c I just got off the phone with a Deerfield Beach resident who recently launched the college resource website welcome2college.com. The site offers news, tools and advice for academic and non-academic college topics.

Roshelle Jones-Hirvonen, founder and chief executive of the website, used to work at Florida Atlantic University running the recreational facilities and programs. She also was vice president of member services for eDiets.com. She said she came up with the idea after realizing everyone wants to market to the college-bound audience, but resources aren't always easy to find in one place.

The website, which was produced in three months, profits off advertisements and sponsorships. "I expect that we'll show a profit within six months," Jones-Hirvonen said.

I guess time will tell if she's right.

She told me her biggest challenge right now will be to not only write for college-bound students, but also create fresh content daily for parents and for young high school students wanting to know about the college application process.

She told me she hired a few writers and she also links to stories from other sources. When I asked her about how she's going to market this site when there are already so many college-related resource sites, she said her plan is off-line advertising and visiting students at campus. She's also partnering with eDiets (her former employer) to create a college healthy-eating habits resource.


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Lynn T

Hi Bridget,

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These videos are meant to help high school students in their admission preparation and college selection and may be useful to your friend in her efforts. Please feel free to contact me in case you need this content.

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