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When product reviews get nasty...

Dear makers of WalletPix: I'm sorry your product stinks. What were you thinking sending me a sample to review?

Now folks, just to set the record straight, I don't get pleasure in bashing products. I'm really a sweet gal -- honest! I make a point to find the good in all products. But I just couldn't get around it in today's 60-Second Review on the WalletPix... it was so bad that I'm recommending no one waste $30 on it. [You can read my review here.]

What I really don't understand about this product is why anyone would even make something that performs so poorly, and who in their right mind approved it to be made. The images on the screen are so fuzzy that it reminded me of when the first cellphone camera phones came out years ago... but it is even worse than that.

By today's technology standards, why even bother selling a product with a screen that looks so antiquated? There's no excuse for such bad technology when today's thin cellphones and mp3 player screens can greatly out perform it.

The box has an sample image on it, just like this one: Wallet_pix

It shows the cute baby on the screen as a sharp image. The truth is not even close to that. And on the box there are images of grandma showing off the photos on the device to her friends. But there's one problem ... the screen is WAY too small for someone with elderly eyes being able to see the dimples in a grandchild's cheeks. It wasn't even easy for me to see.

And then it dawned on me. This device is targeted to an older generation that doesn't use iPods or use camera phones. So people think, 'Grandma doesn't own anything electronic to show photos on, so I'm sure this would be a nice present for her.' Not quite.

Amazingly enough, it's sold at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, JC Penney and CVS for $29.99, but don't be fooled by the packaging that it is a neat gift. And just to be fair, I passed this around the office to get other opinions. I would quote some of those opinions, but I rather refrain from using four-letter words in my blog.


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