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Facebook friends don't let friends become compulsive application invite senders

Remember the old days when you didn't get 15 application invites a day from Facebook friends?

Oh how peaceful Facebook was back then. Now I can't log on without someone inviting me to find out what kind of fruit best fits my personality, or to feed someone's virtual fish, or to become a zombie/vampire/slayer/pirate/Oregon Trail pioneer.

The worst I've seen lately is "Puff Puff Pass" -- someone invited me to add an application that encourages virtual marijuana usage. What? Uggh!

So I ask, please, stop the pointless application invites unless it is an application you think someone would really like. And as a matter of Facebook etiquette, DON'T send application invites to every single person on your friend's list. If you send 5 requests each day to all your friends, it is just like sending spam e-mails. It gets old.

But maybe it's just me. According to a comScore report that measures the usage of widgets, it reported that more than 20 million Facebook users (that's 61 percent of the site's U.S. audience) have engaged with an application in November.

The application named "Top Friends" by Slide -- which lets you highlight friends much like MySpace does -- was the top ranked application during November, with more than 6.2 million engaged viewers, followed by "Movies" by Flixter with 5.2 million and "SuperPoke!" by Slide with 3.6 million.

Next in line was Compare People, iLike, Super Wall, Likeness, Quizzes, FunWall and Graffiti.

But even though I don't like the barrage of invites, I do accept a few and get addicted to some of them. The other day I found myself getting lost for hours in the Movies application. Sigh. Guess there's no escaping it. My Facebook life has become one where people throw virtual sheep at me and co-workers challenge me to Disney movie quizzes. (Which by the way, I scored 100%. Take that!)


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I don't find Facebook invites annoying, if not for the simple fact that you receive no e-mails notifications in regards to all the invites. In fact, sometimes I don't even realize I HAVE invites unless I happen to check my main page (not my profile page). And unfortunately, some applications require a minimum friend invite before you're able to load them.

What I tend to do is load them, see what they're about - i.e. take a quiz and see what I get - and then delete them. But some apps I've become fond of...*ahem* Fluff Friends...but does that count, since it's a Facebook-created app??


"have engaged."


lo siento.

Bridget Carey

Jemima -- Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-application. Heaven knows my profile is chock full of 'em. It's just when someone who you're not even close to sends two or more invites every day, I can't help but wonder why they do it.

One or two invites a week is perfectly fine to send to friends. And if you are just an acquaintance and send me something pointless every day cause you're not smart enough to click the "skip and don't send to friends" button... then I think you're annoying (exceptions made for close friends).

Am I being too harsh? Yeah, maybe so. It's just Facebook. Maybe I should just lighten up. And I didn't consider how some applications force you to send to friends to add it -- that is probably to blame for many of the invites because my name is near the top of the alphabet (although I won't ever use those applications for fear of being seen as annoying by others).


I can't stand those "Invite 20 more friends before you can see your results" pyramid-scheme applications. No thanks.

If the application was any good I would consider sharing it, but if I'm forced to add x number of friends, I'm not only *not* gonna do that, but I'm going to remove that app.

And somebody seriously needs to do something about the vast community of undead constantly biting me. Maybe a Buffy/Milla Jovovich app that kills their vampires/zombies/etc. for once and for all.

Oh boy, I guess I started to go off on a rant here and I didn't even get to the numerous "Wall" apps (Super Wall, Fun Wall, Berlin Wall, etc.).

I'm going to take my meds now.


How's this for annoying -- my friend and I both got a notification the other day that another mutual friend of ours had sent us a "fun" greeting card, or whatever they are called. (Through our personal email addresses, btw, not just as notification on our home pages.) I decided not to install the app to view the greeting card, but she did. But, of course, before you could view the greeting card that was originally sent to you, you first had to send out a greeting card yourself. Because I was sitting right next to her, she decided she would just send the card to me, so she could then view the card that our other friend had sent to us. She picked out a decent card, clicked on it, and nothing happened. So she clicked on it again. And again, nothing happened. So I told her to give it one more try. Again, nothing happened. So finally, she just closed out the application and thought nothing of it. Until I checked my email 5 minutes later. Sure enough, there were three, THREE, different emails, notifying me that my friend had sent me this e-card via facebook. And she had never even selected me as the recipient (because we couldn't even get that far), which means that those emails went out to her ENTIRE friend list, without her even knowing it. To hundreds of unsuspecting friends, who could now quite possibly have to go through this entire debacle themselves. AND, to finish it all off, the application never did let us see the original greeting card that our other had sent us!!! Ugh. What a scam. I have a feeling that our other friend had been duped too. Long story, I know, but I figured this would be a good place to post my fustrations! Good blog btw, Bridget.

Bridget Carey

Thanks, Marielle. That is horrible. Do you remember what it was called so we can avoid it? You can also report applications that you think are abusing Facebook -- there's usually a link to report on the application's "About" page. Then again, if it's brand new, there's the chance it could just be a bug the programmers haven't worked out.


I take this post as a personal slight!


Hi Bridget, the app is called FunWall. And funny enough, I just got another random FunWall greeting card today! From an old acquaintance of mine that I never speak to, so I am sure it was mistake. Especially because I got the notice twice. Maybe its bug, maybe other people have better experiences with it...but personally, I am going to do my best to avoid it from now on! Thanks for the tip about reporting applications -- good to know!


What is the deal with Facebook applications now requiring you to send invites to your friends in order to see the results? When I take the time to fill out the questionnaire and then arrive at the "send to 20 friends!" ultimatum, I just click the window closed. Boo, I say!

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