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Gizmodo banned from CES

It's almost unthinkable, yet they did it. With the help of a TV-B-Gone clicker, tech blog Gizmodo wreaked havoc all over the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The clicker turns off just about any nearby TV. Just watch the video below.

I don't think I could be this evil. But I'm glad Gizmodo has no conscience, cause this is hysterical.

But I gotta say, turning off screens during people's presentations was going way too far. Makes you wonder if Gizmodo will be invited back to cover it next year.

UPDATE: Gizmodo has been banned from ever coming back to any Consumer Electronics Show event. It's not yet known if its owner, Gawker Media, or its affiliated media outlets will be punished.

This show is only open to the media, and I'm glad they were punished. A true journalist would never interfere with an event to create their own news, or cause harm to others to get an entertaining story. They sabatoged presentations, and that's over the line. And it serves as a warning for other non-serious bloggers.

There's also the chance that this stunt may sway CES officials to not allow bloggers full-access press credentials in the future. I don't believe in punishing every blogger for the sins of one, but it could happen.


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