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Spread the <3 - The most popular texting holiday of the year

Thanks to text messaging, millions of people never need to share their feelings using spoken words. Just shorthand, vowel-less digital lingo will do the trick.

AT&T reports that Valentine's Day is the busiest time for texting. The wireless company said that in 2007 there was a 33 percent spike in its text messaging traffic on V-Day. In second place was Christmas with a 30 percent increase, followed by New Year's with a 26 percent increase.

A report from VeriSign says a new texting record will be made today with an estimated 2.2 billion mobile messages sent and received in North America.

I always thought New Year's Eve was the busiest, because this year when I tried to send texts out between Midnight and 2 a.m., my service failed to send anything because too many people were jamming it up sending texts. But I guess that's just a text rush in a span of a few hours, whereas today is all-day long.

AT&T came out with a list of shorthand you're likely to see today. I think they made almost all of these up. Have you ever used GNSD? or FTBOMH? I'm sorry, but if you type IMU instead of I miss you, then you're just lazy. It's not that hard to text three short words. In fact, I don't know anyone that texts me shorthand besides the classic "lol." And they don't even have I <3 U on the list, which is more popular than ILU. Well anyway, here is their list. Let me know if you've actually used any of these:

  • 2G2BT (Too good to be true)
  • 4EAE (Forever and ever)
  • 4U (For you)
  • AML (All my love)
  • D8 (Date)
  • FTBOMH (From the bottom of my heart)
  • GNSD (Good night, sweet dreams)
  • H2CUS (Hope to see you soon)
  • ILU (I love you)
  • IMU (I miss you)
  • ISLY (I still love you)
  • IWALU (I will always love you)
  • KOTC (Kiss on the cheek)
  • KOTL (Kiss on the lips)
  • QT (Cutie)
  • TY (Thank you)
  • TOY (Thinking of you)
  • URH (Your are hot)
  • UW (You're welcome)
  • XOXOXO (Hugs & Kisses)

I think XOXO is the only one on that list that people actually use. But maybe I'm just not up to speed with today's hip text lingo. Whteva.


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brayden simms






....I'm going to have an aneurysm trying to decode that.


Loving your blog. Keep up the great work.


OMG, those shorthands are total BS!



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