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Blu-ray wins. Millions of HD DVD supporters lose.

HD DVD now joins the ranks of the Betamax and the LaserDisc.

It's really no surprise that Blu-ray won the high definition video battle. Aside from the fact that major companies like Disney have backed it, the biggest advantage was that PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray player, so already the gamers of the world picked a side. Last week Best Buy said they would recommend Blu-ray to customers, and Wal-Mart said they would only sell Blu-ray. And Toshiba sealed the deal yesterday when the company announced it would no longer make HD DVD players. 

I am just so glad the war is over. I have put off buying any high-def movie players, and for that matter I haven't bought many regular DVDs either.  I figured Blu-ray would be a winner, but just having two brands was a big discouragement for me to be an early adapter.

Toshiba said more than a million people bought a HD DVD player from them. Are you one of them? Or did you buy into Blu-ray with confidence?


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ps3 blu ray

I can't say I agree that the biggest advantage was the PS3 had a blu-ray player. It was a benefit, certainly, but since the PS3 sales continue to be less than expected, I'd say it wasn't as big of a benefit as they hoped.

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