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Facebook NCAA Tournament Brackets created by South Florida's CBSSports.com

CbssportsfacebooktopIf you loved the March Madness brackets application on Facebook in the past, this year CBSSports.com -- based in Fort Lauderdale -- has taken it to a new level.

The company has developed this year's official Facebook bracket application, which in previous years was just done by Facebook. But because CBSSports.com is behind it, the application is able to incorporate more features and content from CBS, such as their NCAA March Madness on Demand videos.

I spoke with Jason Kint, CBSSports.com's senior vice president and general manager, and he said the company launched it early to build on content and community... and smack talk. He said it's more than just having everyone pick teams on Selection Sunday. "You'll see more content than you've ever seen before," he said.

"We're tapping into what we know works on Facebook -- keeping it simple and really capitalizing on viral elements."

CBSSports.com has always had their own bracket game on their official site. But now, they hope to tap into a whole new audience by going directly to Facebook users.

"Facebook brings with it a lot of new users -- a younger demographic with people that aren't necessarily used to going to destination sites," Kint said. "They aren't seeking out destination sites and they live on Facebook."

CBS's interactive team has been doing bracket applications for years. But this year, Kint said a challenge for the team was to be able to create one that can work well with the large scale of Facebook users. They said the brackets will be available to more than 64 million users on Facebook, as well users on CBS Sports Mobile. In 2007, more than 2.6 million Facebook users joined at least one bracket group in Facebook's version of the bracket application.

And if you're lucky enough to be in the Top 10 percent of the top brackets, you are in the running to win $10,000. Or you can just go there now for the sports stories and to see the top favorite and despised teams. Funny enough, the Blue Devils are the top in both. And what's this? The Gators are No. 3 in amount of haters? Aw come on!


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I know nothing about these "bracket" things, but I do agree that Facebook is a huge step up from MySpace in it's simplicity and user-friendly interface.

Plus, their add-ons are addictive.

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