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Farewell to keyboards?

Microsoft chair Bill Gates told a group of students at Carnegie Mellon that in five years we will be using touch screens more and the majority of Internet searches will be done by speech rather than by typing on a keyboard. [Read the story here.]

Five years? Uh, seems like a stretch. I don't know about you folks, but I need a keyboard. And it doesn't make sense in a work environment. Say goodbye to doing non-work stuff while at work. "Computer, search Amazon for purple pumps." Busted. The same goes for a cellphone and touch screens. I like touch screens, but I rather have a QWERTY keyboard rather than have a touch-screen keyboard, because I type faster on an actual keyboard. What about you? Can you see yourself doing verbal searches? I think a whole new generation needs to grow up in a voice-search world before something like that takes off.


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