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Investors ready to cash in on Cuba domain names

Domain name investors are really rooting for Cuba to open up for American business. Many have been holding on to names like CubanCigars.com and CubanHotels.com for years, hoping they can turn the names into a business. One investor in Massachusetts owns about 2,200 names, which you can see here: HavanaDomains.com -- but most of those are names that are very similar to one another.

You can read more about it in my story today: Investors poised to cash in on Cuba domain names

In my story I talk about how Oscar Estevez, an attorney in Miami, is trying to sell PostCastroCuba.com because he doesn't have the time to develop it to its full potential. He taught himself Microsoft FrontPage to build what you see on the site, but said he just let it sit after that. If you're interested in buying it, you can contact him at postcastrocuba@msn.com.


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Chris Desouza

I agree, those who have Cuba related names will do well with a regime change and a democratic Cuban government.

But, postcastrocuba.com is a bad name. If the owner is not inclined to develop it, then I don't see anyone buying it.

My 1 cent.

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