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Sprint offers an unlimited $99.99 plan that is unlimited everything

Today Sprint announced that it will now be offering a $99.99 "simply everything" plan, which allows for unlimited talk, data, GPS, web... everything. It comes just days after Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile all announced their $99.99 unlimited plans last week.

But if you want everything unlimited with Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile -- like all data and web -- then you'll have to pay more than $99.99.

Nanci Schwartz, a spokeswoman for Sprint, told me today that they are offering everything unlimited because, "If you're going to offer it, offer what everybody wants."

Will Sprint's actions influence others to also add other data services into the $99.99 plan? It's likely data prices will be the next big fight between companies. Bear Stearns analyst Mike McCormack told the AP that this move by Sprint Nextel was a "Hail Mary" because the company is having a rough time now. It's earnings report released today showed a $29.5 billion loss.

What are your thoughts on the $99.99 unlimited plans everyone offers? Do you care about unlimited voice that you'll pay $100 a month to not worry about it? Are you paying more now? Or are you more of a texter that only makes a few short calls during the month?


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I have Sprint. I shall investigate. Great post.

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