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How green are you with your tech?

Pcmag_greenlogo So the recent issue of PC Magazine (available March 18th) features stories and columns about green technology. And they came up with this new test to rank a product environmentally friendly (energy efficient, recyclable, Energy Star certified...). Some of the facts in there were pretty shocking: "Making one desktop and monitor requires 530 pounds of fossil fuel, 58 pounds of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water." Shiesh.

And then I came across other green news about AOL pushing for paperless coupons. There would be no need to print or cut anything out. Just go online, click which coupons you want to use and add them to a user account, and when you get to the store, show the cashier a card that has your user account info on it, and it'll ring up the coupons you checked off. I love that idea! Not because it's "green" but because I'm lazy and this is a very simple way to save money. (That is, if more stores got on board with the program. Kroger is the only grocery store using it now. Come on, Publix!)

But all this green today got me thinking about my tech habits. I'm not someone who will buy a computer because it is green. I'm going to buy a computer because it's the computer that's best for me. But on the other hand, I am pretty wasteful with electricity. I leave my computer on at home... and I leave other gadgets plugged in all over the house.

I'm going to start making an effort to turn the computer off when I'm not using it. (I wonder how long that mission of mine will last.) And PC Mag says if all U.S. commuters worked from home just one day a week, we could save 5.85 billion gallons of oil each year. So next time you feel like working from home, just guilt your boss that you're hurting the Earth every time you come in!


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