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Boost Mobile opens store in Hialeah

Boost Mobile, a provider of pay-as-you-go wireless products and services, has opened a store in Hialeah. It's one of Boost's first three stores -- the others are in Huntington Park, Cali. and Houston, Texas.

The Hialeah store is located at West Park Center, 1905 West 35th St.

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"[The stores] are centered right where our demographic is at," said John Torres, Boost's sales operation manager for direct and retail sales. "It's extremely important for Boost to be in that hub."

He said the company could have located the store in a highly trafficked mall in an area like South Beach, but instead choose to do the opposite. Boost wanted to put the stores in areas that centered around communities with their top demographic: minorities under 26 years old.

Boost devices are already available at retail stores like Best Buy and RadioShack, but the success of Boost's three new retail stores will be the deciding factor if the company will add more stores, Torres said. The company will examine how the Hialeah store does over next 12 months to see if it is worth opening up more Boost-exclusive retail shops.

There are also plans to turn the shops into a repair service center for Boost devices, Torres said.

Boost Mobile is a division of Sprint, but Torres explained that they didn't want to just put Boost items in Sprint stores.

"If you really look at the product, we're completely polar opposites," Torres said. "Our customer base would not think of going into a Sprint store."

The goal for each store is to also support the community by partnering with local municipalities and getting involved with community events, he said. For starters, Boost Mobile is working with the Bucky Dent Gymnasium and Youth Center in Hialeah by paying to refurbish the floor.


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