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Comcast improves Video on Demand, ups Internet speed for Business Class

Comcast has made improvements to it's Channel 1 Video On Demand for South Florida, adding more content for customers to choose from.

Comcast spokesman Spero Canton said customers could notice more local and high-definition On Demand choices on the menu in the coming days. The upgrade to Comcast's equipment was designed to have expanded capacity for additions in the future. Currently, Comcast offers more than 4,000 hours of separate Channel 1 On demand programming for anyone who has signed up for digital cable.

Also, Comcast announced Wednesday that it is increasing the basic and advanced Internet speeds for its Comcast Business Class customers. The basic package was increased from 4Mbps downstream to 6Mbps downstream. The enhanced package doubled it's downstream speed from 8Mbps to 16Mbps, and upstream went from 1Mbps to 2Mbps.

The higher speeds will automatically be added for existing customers. To activate the new speed tiers, customers need to power off their modem for a minute, then power it back on.


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Good for Comcast. No sane person would argue against higher internet speeds even at the price of having to deal with their technicians. One eventually gets used to gnashing one's teeth....

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