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Does your company allow more teleworking in the summer?

I've been seeing more e-mails lately about teleworking, especially since summer is around the corner. And then there are companies who allow for "summer Fridays" where employees can have off on Friday or have a partial day with teleworking.

Is teleworking something that you think could work at your business? Of course not all tasks can be done away from the office, but maybe one day of work can be done from home. The Telework Association and Council reports about 28 million people telework.

And with advances in mobile communication, you can stay connected to the office while at the beach. Is that really efficient for getting work done? Sounds like "summer Fridays" are just buzz words people throw around to get out of work. Of course everyone wants more work/life balance... but are businesses going for it?

What's your take on teleworking?


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Always working

I feel like I work seven days a week anyway, so it only makes sense to get a break like this. Great idea!

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