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Moli.com social network targets small businesses

MolirWhen it comes to integrating business and social networking, most sites I've come across tend to revolve around professional contacts and resumes, like LinkedIn.

But Moli.com -- a social network based in West Palm Beach -- is targeting small businesses by offering them a resource center and the ability to connect with other businesses.

When it first launched, the site was marketed as a place to manage multiple profiles for your social and professional life, but separates them with different privacy settings. The small business center is just another addition to encourage the busy start-up entrepreneur to manage their life and work on one network.

A free account comes with a URL and search engine optimization abilities. Of course these sites are not super professional. The target user is someone with 10 or less employees who doesn't have the resources to make a site from scratch. The idea is to get started on a site like this, use the resources, connect with others, and eventually take your business to the next stage.

You can read my full story here.


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