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Telecommuting can be a deal-making perk for tech employees

Gas is more than $4 a gallon in many parts of South Florida, so it's not surprising that employees are wanting to telecommute more than ever before.

ProTech, an information technology search and staffing firm, surveyed 544 IT professionals in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties regarding work incentives. The option for flex-time and telecommuting tied total compensation as deciding factors in accepting a job offer from a prospective employer.

Twenty-three percent of technology workers -- the largest piece of the pie -- said flex-time and telecommuting were the best perks offered to them by a past or present employer, edging out bonus and paid expenses (each at 18 percent). Work/life balance came in second after salary as the most important consideration when weighing a job offer. That was followed by stability and career growth.

Other findings from the ProTech survey of South Florida technology workers:

  • IT workers reported an average salary increase of 12 percent over the previous year
  • 38 percent said the downturn in the housing market and mortgage crisis had affected them
  • 49 percent said they had seriously considered leaving Florida in the last year (which is down 3 percent from last year). They cited cost-of-living (39 percent) and lack of job opportunities (35 percent) as the major reasons for wanting to leave the state.
  • 83 percent said they would leave their current company for a better opportunity -- a decrease of 4 percent from last year


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Telecommute??? only coders and java programmers get that luxury these days...... most sys admins and network engineers a slaves chained to our computers.

As for jobs, S. Fl blows big time. I mean back when housing was cheap ( a 1/1 w/ pkg in Sobe for $600/mth) it wasnt such a big deal because you knew that you were sacrificing better wages for great weather/beaches/babes in bikinis and cheap rent. But now that housing/insurance/property taxes are more the Cali, I'm on the first flight back to Silicon valley!!!


More companies should offer this perk to those who can do their job at home. It would be a larger contribution to a greener world.

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